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Discount Prophecies – Chapter 1 – Belinda

Belinda was a second-rate Seer. It wasn’t that she didn’t have the gift. She could See the future as consistently as any of the best Seers. The problem was her horrible memory.

Those who couldn’t See didn’t understand why memory had anything to do with knowing the future. How could they? They didn’t have the gift. They didn’t understand, as Belinda did, that Seeing the future was much like looking into the past. Belinda could warn her clients of upcoming danger, but often be unable to provide them with details. It might sound something like, “Wait, are you the one who gets stabbed in a dark alley or the one who gets into that horrible car accident?”

Belinda could See that, in about ten minutes, a client would charge through her door and demand a refund, but Belinda couldn’t recall what she was going to be so upset about. How could she remember, with what was coming after that? This was that day that, even with her abysmal memory, she had been expecting for most of her life. She could never forget meeting Darren, the man who would get her out of this tedious job. He was going to take her on an adventure!

The angry client arrived as expected. What was her name? Cora? Carrie? Anastasia? It didn’t matter.

“You told me he would say ‘yes’!” the woman shouted before breaking into sobs. “I bought rings and everything. I got a new dress and took him to his favorite hibachi place and he said… he said he wasn’t ready. What does he mean ‘not ready’?”

“Oh, right. I remember now,” Belinda said. “He doesn’t say ‘yes’ the first time. He’ll say it eventually but, uh, I’m not sure how long that will be.”

It didn’t take Belinda’s gift of Sight to know she wasn’t going to get out of the refund. She quickly paid it and sent the woman on her way. Besides, that gave Belinda more time to prepare for Darren. How long did she have? She recalled it being several hours after the angry woman’s departure.

Knock knock knock. Wrong again.

Darren looked like Belinda remembered, except for a few minor details. His shirt was blue, but it was a button up, not a t-shirt like she thought. He wore it so casually, it might as well have been. He was near her own height though she remembered him being taller. His brown slacks weren’t shredded but had just one hole at the knee.

“I need a Seer,” Darren announced. “I will pay you well.”

She knew he would. It was more money than a Seer of her caliber could hope to earn otherwise.

“I’m not that great a Seer,” she told him, mostly because she remembered doing so.

“That doesn’t matter,” he said. “I don’t need a particularly good Seer. I just need one who can tell me the immediate consequences of my actions. Things like, ‘If I go through this door, will I be shot?’”

There were many moments in Belinda’s life where she wondered what would have happened if she had made a different choice. How differently would her life had turned out. This was one of them. The action she remembered taking would lead her to a fairly decent life. Still…

“No,” she firmly told him. “I am absolutely not for hire. I do consultations only.”

Belinda watched as her future rearranged itself into something new. It was like watching a latch slide into a new position and lock into place. She now saw something different and very interesting…

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