This Site Has a New Host – Me!

New Server

Hosting services seem to all offer the same cheap introductory prices; something like $2.99 for the first year and then $49.99 per year after that. So, obviously, I’ve been changing hosts every year. But now, I’ve found an even cheaper solution! I took my old desktop PC, turned it into a web server, and started hosting this website myself.

I’ve still got some things to do. I’ve got to figure out how to open https (and make that ‘not secure’ notification go away). I’ve got to finish migrating all the old content. And I’ve got to tweak the layout and settings so I actually like looking at this site. But now, I won’t have to worry about changing hosts every year.

New Content

I’m currently not posting new content. I still write, but I’m not able to put the time into making content that I want to share. That being said, I do have one story that has caught fire in my brain recently and I might actually post chapter 1 soon.

Old Content

Discount Prophecies is my most popular story and I am happy to say that it now has an ending. In fact, it has an awesome ending. I am extremely happy with it. However, now that I’ve reached the ending, I’ve got to change the rest of the story to match it. Somehow, I really believed I would be able to write the entire story in chapter installments and not need to revise at the end. I was so wrong. I’m going to repost everything I had previously available, but I’m not going to post the last few chapters. Hopefully, the entire, perfected story will eventually be posted here too.

Time Tourists has also been completed. But I got the honest feedback that the ending sucked. This is true. In this case, I wrote an ending that matched the beginning. I had a specific plan when I started the story and I followed through with it. The problem is, the story grew and evolved so much as I was writing it. Characters and events sprang into being that I had not planned. It wasn’t the story that I started with, but I finished it as if it were. This is lower priority than Discount Prophecies, but I still hope to fix it and finish it in time.

I’m not even going to repost The Grenadier. Actually, I’ll post chapter 1, but nothing after that. That story has some big flaws. Most of them come down to me not having a plan for it. It started with me putting my fingers on the keyboard one day and seeing what came out. Some of my favorite characters live in this story and I still have some great ideas for where it will go, but it needs some attention and brainstorming before I get there.

I could go on about each of my stories, but I won’t. They’re all in varying stages of completeness and they’re all my favorite.

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