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November 18, 2012

The Future of Food

When we consider the future, we often think of exciting things like time-travel, neural implants, and FTL spaceships, but sometimes, you need to consider more mundane things. Take food, for instance. What will food be like in the future? Keep reading, and I’ll tell you.


Time dilated fast food

Why wait minutes for your order when you could wait seconds? With the development of time manipulation technology, we will be able to put the kitchen of your favorite restaurant into a bubble of hyper-time. ‘A what?’ you ask. It’s simple. Time in the kitchen will be moving faster than in the lobby – let’s say one hour per minute. So, if it would take six minutes to get your order to you in regular time, it will only take six seconds of hyper-time. Just be careful as the food exits hyper-time. It will be moving near the speed of light and will be very hot.

Not only does this mean you get your food faster, it also means that fast food can include higher quality items that would normally take much longer to prepare. You could have a full meal prepared from scratch in under a minute.

Of course, the biggest obstacle to this would be staffing. At an hour per minute, an employee will have done eight hours in only eight minutes. It would take an army of cooks to keep the kitchen staffed full time and if they’re paid for eight hours, it will be impossible to make any money. Also, if an employee is a couple of minutes late, it throws the whole system off. The employees can’t be expected to work eight hours of real time as that would be the equivalent of 480 hours.

One possible solution would to go into hyper-time only when an order is made and shorten shifts to maybe three or four hours. At the end of the shift, pay would be calculated by how much relative time the employee spent in hyper-time. Of course, this would still require a large number of employees and would still be too expensive to pay them all. The obvious solution is robots. Fully automate the process and eliminate humans all together.

Or we could just make it easier since we have time manipulating technology anyway and just prepare the food in normal time and send it back in time to the second it was ordered. On top of all the obvious reasons this would be awesome, it would also be cool to see the order appear on the counter in front of you the second the cashier pushes the button on the register.


Matter teleporters

The most obvious benefit of teleporter technology is that you will be able to teleport directly to your favorite restaurant but when you think about it, this opens up a lot of options. Because you will be able to teleport to any location (except those with teleport blockers – security measures will grow with the technology,) your favorite restaurant can be located anywhere. You could have lunch on the moon or dinner in the center of the Earth. Or, if you prefer to eat at home, your order could be sent directly to your table. Did they get your order wrong? Send it right back. You’ll get it replaced shortly.

Furthermore, because restaurants no longer will have to be located in convenient locations, they can be located in larger dedicated sites. I’m envisioning a restaurant attached to a farm. Will you be having the chicken? That’s raised on site. Do you want a salad? All fresh veggies. Food will require less processing because it will go straight from the farm to the kitchen. Of course, with transporters, it wouldn’t actually be necessary to locate the restaurant on the farm, but it helps remind the customer how fresh their food is.

While we’re on the subject, grocery shopping will be much more convenient. Put a touch screen on the front of the fridge to place food orders. Out of milk? Press the preset milk button that you’ve programmed with your brand and fat percentage preference. Want to try something new? Use the search feature to browse stores, find foods, and purchase instantly (or near instantly – depending on bandwidth and teleporter speed.) Also, if a mother worries that her poor son in college isn’t eating well enough, she can deposit a tupperware of her famous casserole from anywhere – as long as she knows his fridge’s teleport password.


This is what we really need to be shooting for. Forget cheap energy or medical miracles; just make my food cheap, delicious, fast, and hassle-free.

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