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March 13, 2019

The Grenadier: Chapter 4 – Beholder

Abril Maldonado stared briefly at the model of an office building, not because she wanted to look at it but because that was where The Grenadier was staring. She didn’t know why he was wasting his time looking at that when there was a beautiful woman right next to him. She assumed he was trying to get a feel for the layout or memorize all the entrances or something tactical like that. The building was dull. She didn’t like looking at things that weren’t herself.

She looked elsewhere.

She focused on The Bro for a moment. He was half way across the room, but her power let her see him as well as if he were right in front of her. Well, that wasn’t really true; if he were in front of her, she wouldn’t be able to see him at all. Her power let her see him as well as a normal, boring person could see him if he stood right in front of them.

Up close, he looked a lot like he did in one of his movies – he had clearly been beaten up. It wasn’t as dramatic or pretty as his makeup artist would have made it. He had a fresh bruise under his eye and another under his lip. And of course he had his trademark scar running from his chin to his left ear. Some people found the scar sexy. Abril disagreed.

Other than the battle damage and the disfiguring scar, she could see that The Bro was good looking. It made no difference to her whether a man was good looking or not but she could still appreciate it on an analytical level. His African and Asian features blended well and his build was lean but solid. He moved with a certain grace she would have expected more out of a dancer than a fighter. She could see why so many girls fell for him. He was beautiful, not quite as beautiful as Abril – no one was as beautiful as her.

The Bro and Government Steve and were having a boring conversation about The Grenadier’s powers. It had nothing to do with her, so she didn’t care. She focused again on where The Grenadier was looking and spoke up.

“What’s so interesting about that office building you’re studying?” she asked The Grenadier.

He glanced at her and turned immediately back to the model. A glance?, she thought. Seriously? Hello! Beautiful woman here. Pay attention to me!

“This is the building The Bro escaped from earlier today,” he explained, “The Princess is still in there. I’m trying to decide on the most likely place they would hold a captive so I can plan our entrance accordingly.

“Oh, is that it?” Beholder replied, “That’s easy. Once we arrive on the scene, I’ll be able to tell you exactly where The Princess is being held. That’s the kind of thing I do.”

That got his attention. Finally.

As the Grenadier turned his head to look at her, the model building left her vision and her own face swiveled into sight. It was beautiful, of course.

“What, exactly, do you do?” he asked.

She could tell he was very interested in her answer by the way his gaze lingered on her face. When someone isn’t paying attention, they will look around at everything else in the room. The Grenadier’s focus didn’t leave her face, which, in her opinion, was perfect.

Her eyes were the perfect shade of blue and offered a perfect contrast to the perfect silky black hair and perfect smooth, tan skin. Her perfect cheekbones were prominent without being obtrusive. Her perfect lips were full and luscious. She was perfect. She wished people would just stare at her all day so she would never have to look at anything else.

She took her time to answer because, the longer she took, the longer The Grenadier would look at her, which is what she wanted. She wanted to be looked at all the time. She really would have preferred to be ogled but expectant attention would do for now.

“I see things through others’ eyes,” she explained at last. “I hear through others’ ears. I smell through others’ noses.”

“So that’s why they call you ‘Beholder’” The Grenadier remarked, “I can see how that would be very useful.”

He paused for a moment, probably contemplating her abilities. Either way, his gaze remained on her.

“So, you can see what our enemies see?” he asked.

She nodded.

“You can check out the layout of a room before we enter?”

She nodded again.

“You can see if a sniper is scoping me.”

She flashed her beautiful smile. She had his full attention and she was going to hold onto it for as long as she could.

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